Empowering People To Reach Their Infinite Potential. 

DR. CANDICE MCDONALD is a motivational speaker and consultant committed to helping individuals and teams foster strategies to discover their infinite potential.

Dr. Candice’s knowledge, courage, and determination HAs inspired people worldwide. Her education paired with her personal JOURNEY has equipped her to help INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS move past roadblocks and create a path to success.

She has helped countless individuals and organizations maximize their outcomes. As a certified business expert and former licensed counselor, Dr. Candice understands the complexity of business operations and Compassion for people.

Coaching with Dr. Candice

Team Coaching
Roadblocks often make it difficult for teams and individuals to move forward. Coaching and team building sessions with Dr. Candice are designed to help individuals and/or teams strategically accelerate progress towards goals.

Keynotes & Training

“Dr. Candice McDonald is a game-changing, highly energetic keynote speaker”

CEO & Community Leader

Becoming a Catalyst for Change When the World Resists
Dr. Candice’s most inspiring keynote will help you realize your fullest potential and provide you with the strategies needed to flip the script within your personal life or organization. Based on a combination of research and her personal journey of going from sleeping in a shelter to receiving one of NASA’s top career awards.
This keynote will not only inspire attendees to embrace change but will also offer the steps to create personal and organizational change. 

“Dr. Candice is both inspiring AND energetic!” 

Women’s Empowerment Retreat

Breaking Down Organizational Recruitment & Retention Challenges
Based on Dr. Candice’s doctoral research and her passion for increasing the spirit of organizational commitment, Dr. Candice offers research-based/proven strategies to reduce turnover and increase recruitment among all generations within an organization.

“Dr. Candice rocked it today! So much energy and an excellent message!”


Engaging At-Risk Population to Create Social Change
Dr. Candice’s past combined with her research and training with at-risk populations will both inspire and challenge you to approach at-risk populations in a more effective way. This workshop combines research and her personal journey to equip professionals with strategies for reaching vulnerable members of the community.

“I have been attending this confernece for the past 10 years, and very few speakers have kept my attention as Dr. Candice’s did.”

FDIC Attendee

Brand Management: Preventing Career & Goal Derailment
Let Dr. Candice help create and protect your brand! In an era of citizen journalism, permanently cemented social media posts, and human mistakes, individuals are not exempt from derailing their own path to success. This workshop will offer attendees the tools to build a positive online brand and offer strategies to mitigate social media sabotage.

“So powerful, such an inspiration!

Community Educator

Communicating with Candor and NOT Chaos
Learn to “communicate with candor” with Dr. Candice! There is no room for chaos in effective communication. The art of message delivery is key for effective leaders and employees/volunteers. Attendees will learn the skills needed to effectively say anything to anyone candidly and professionally. This includes learning how to effectively communicate with your supervisor, provide feedback to those you lead, address openly and professionally uncomfortable topics in the workplace, and the art of navigating through difficult conversations.

Former Clients & Conference Hosts

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