Team Building & Leadership Development Services

We specialize in delivering team building and leadership development services designed to maximize outcomes. Our team not only understands the complexity of business operations, but also understands people. We have paired a licensed therapist with a certified business expert to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders. We are committed to helping organizations foster strategies to attract and retain high performing individuals.

Professional Development Training

We offer a number of pre-developed professional develop programs or our curriculum development team is ready to design a research-based program tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Some of our more popular programs include:

  • Busting through Recruitment & Retention Challenges
  • Communicating with Candor and not Chaos
  • Reputation Management Strategies and Threat Mitigation
  • Being a Catalyst for Change in a World of Resistance
  • Moving from a Culture of Me to We
  • Becoming an Ally to Foster Diversity & Inclusion
Team Building (Virtual or In-Person)

Team building is about more than just a day full of laughs and entertainment. Real team building is the key to transforming your team from good to great. Our team building activities are designed to address your organization’s unique needs. We focus on building strengths, fostering a culture that thrives on dropping drama, developing skills to eliminate bad communication, and helping your team focus on the future. 

Keynote for Conference & Team Retreat

Our team is ready to help you move your organization forward by working directly with your team or speaking at your next event! Our experienced team has presented all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Women & Women Wisdom

Women & Wisdom, a division of Success up Life, LLC., was established to create an avenue for women to come together in an inclusive and supportive environment for socialization and growth! We combine FUN with an opportunity to expand our own knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. Candice has a true passion for empowering other women: “I have not always been Dr. Candice, who works at NASA and speaks all over the world. I have spent the night in a shelter. I have lived in poverty. I have made A LOT of messy choices for my life! BUT in my 30’s, my life had a plot twist! I learned to take control and #SuccessUpLife! I started Women & Wisdom as a way for women to raise one another up!”

In addition to facilitating Women & Wisdom activities, Dr. Candice McDonald has moved her mess to a message to empower others! Her message is the perfect keynote to motivate attendees at your next event! Join her as she takes you on her journey of learning to take control of personal traumas to stop self-sabotage and to overcome the hurts that leave one frozen. Her painful journey, told in a humorous way, reflects her story of how she took control of her life to move from food stamps to rocket ships. Dr. McDonald’s message will encourage you to STOP SUBSCRIBING to the labels people place on you, empower you to BE BRAVE enough to snag opportunities, and will push you to FORGIVE YOURSELF!

Cruise & All Inclusive Travel/Event Services

Let Success Up Life, LLC. help plan your next team meeting, retreat or conference on a cruise ship or at an all inclusive resort! As a certified travel agency, our team looks forward to taking care of your team’s needs at your next team building event!

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