If your organization is struggling, or just needs to revive the passion among your members, we want to help!

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Our research-based and PROVEN strategies are not based on expensive campaigns or costly tactics, but on easy to implement techniques that will help you level up your organization! In addition to services to help organizations.

Services Offered:

  • Professional development seminars focused on:
    • Employee/volunteer/customer recruitment & retention
    • Improving employee communication and dealing with difficult conversations
    • Reputation management strategies and threat mitigation
    • Navigating organizational change in a way that empowers employees
    • Energizing, exciting and empowering employees
  • Strategic planning & process improvement
  • Personalized keynote  or training session for your next conference, meeting or company retreat
  • Coordination and facilitation of team building events
  • Women & Wisdom events, an avenue for women to come together in an inclusive and supportive environment for socialization and growth

For years, we watched organizations with great missions lose members and struggle to thrive. Our team watched passionate leaders become frustrated from investing time and money on failed motivation, recruitment, retention and morale tactics. We watched dedicated employees/volunteers leave an organization they loved over solvable issues. It pained us to watch this. This fueled our desire to help organizations do more than just survive, but to THRIVE!

Let us help remove your frustrations AND save you money by helping you move your organization forward to RECRUIT quality members, RETAIN happy members, and/or EMPOWER your members to thrive! Together, we can develop a strategy to help your organization Refuse to Sink!

Click here to fill out the form to request a training session, keynote message, strategic planning session, team building activity, or for us to just chat to find out what services would be best to help your specific needs!

Eyes forward. Stay focused. Keep moving.