Empowerment = Retention

Junior Firefighter
What are you doing to empower the future of the fire service? (SFD Junior Firefighters, Ohio)

Empowering your volunteers/employees can reduce turnover. The cost of turnover is too high to ignore!

Check out my latest article Empowerment Is Key for Retention in the Fire Service  over at Fire Rescue Magazine on tips to boost retention through empowerment!

You can also join me at FDIC 2020 for a pre-conference workshop on breaking the barriers to recruitment and retention, or schedule to have the message brought to your organization! This course is NOT just for public safety, it is for EVERY organization with a desire to recruit and retain the best talent!

Article Link: https://firerescuemagazine.firefighternation.com/2020/01/30/empowerment-is-key-for-retention-in-the-fire-service/

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