Securing a Future Despite Critics

As a young girl, thirteen, I was told by my guidance counselor that graduating high school was not likely, let alone being successful in college. Not only did I graduate high school AND college THREE times, but I also made the cover of the university’s magazine!Malone

My advice to those chasing the dream people said was not possible, “Wake up and do something today to take you closer to your goals. Accomplishments don’t come overnight, they take daily action!”

You can check out Malone University’s article highlighting my thoughts on education:



About the Author: Dr. Candice McDonald is the founder of Success Up Life, LLC., a consulting firm bringing focus and purpose into life and organizations. She is an author, change agent, international speaker, federal special agent, volunteer firefighter/EMT, mom, and wife. Her weakness is chips and salsa, and basset hounds in need of a home. Come say hello to her on Twitter @KSUCandice, check out her crazy life on Instagram @KSUCandice or check out her website at

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