What will you choose to spread?

I am not an expert in epidemiology, so I won’t tell you what is best for your physical health. BUT I will share this, please SPREAD love and kindness to others! This is the ONE THING we can control!

Show respect for the people working in the stores, possibly selling you supplies they can’t afford or don’t have at home. They can’t work from, and trying to find child care while the schools are closed might be an added stress in their lives.

University Hospitals Portage Emergency Department
The Portage University Hospitals Emergency Department in Ohio

Show patience for the medical community as they do their best to triage and care for a wide range of people. The normal health emergencies don’t stop just because of a pandemic.  Use the numbers set up in your state/area to call before you venture to your local urgent care, hospital or doctor’s office.

Reach out to the elderly in your life and ask what they need, they could be too proud and decide to venture out for basic supplies.

Be kind to others feeling fear and offer them supportive words instead of mockery. How they feel is real to them. We are all individuals, with individual feelings. Fi

Finally, I challenge you to do at least one thing today to bring a smile to the face of another. Be the difference during chaos! Be Kind!

About the Author: Dr. Candice McDonald is the founder of Success Up Life, LLC., a consulting firm bringing focus and purpose into life and organizations. She is an author, change agent, international speaker, federal special agent, volunteer firefighter/EMT, mom, and wife. Her weakness is chips and salsa, and basset hounds in need of a home. Come say hello to her on Twitter @KSUCandice, check out her crazy life on Instagram @KSUCandice or check out her website at SuccessUpLife.com

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