Refuse To Sink: Healthcare Heroes – FREE Decals

I want to provide some encouragement to our healthcare workers by sending them a
FREE #RefuseToSink vinyl cup decal. Anchor

The #RefuseToSink decal was created for our 2020 #SuccessUpLife Empowerment Cruise.  Attendees received this decal with the reminder: “When we stay anchored to our values in life, we develop a #RefuseToSink mindset and become unsinkable!”  

As a first responder and wife of an emergency department nurse, I see the sacrifices our healthcare workers are making during the COVID 19 pandemic. The world is tremendously grateful for their dedication and efforts. In an effort to show support and encouragement, I want to send these healthcare heroes a #RefuseToSink decal to remind them of their strength and that we are all behind them!

If you are a healthcare worker actively working on the frontlines and would like one for FREE, please complete the form below. Supplies are limited.

Update: When I started this campaign, I never dreamed that my husband would become a victim of COVID-19. A week after I started offering the free decals my husband became ill. He spent a week in the hospital, was on a ventilator and in ICU in the same hospital he works for. You can read his story here:

If you are not in healthcare, but would like to contribute to the #RefuseToSink movement to help cover the cost of MORE decals and shipping. Please complete the following:

Refuse To Sink Healthcare Heroes Sponsorship

I would like to sponsor the purchase of additional decals and postage to spread encouragement to our healthcare workers.



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