Follow your dreams NOT your fear!

September is National Self Improvement Month! What will YOU do to improve you?

Remember, becoming a better version of yourself isn’t about losing weight, scoring a new job with more money, or a physical makeover.

It’s about personal success and personal victories!

Dr. McDonald hanging off the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada after speaking at a conference in 2019

It’s about learning to love the person in the mirror.

It’s about being brave enough to try something new.

It’s about pushing past your fears and living your dreams!

It’s about showing kindness to others and actively working to make this world a better place!

Moving towards a version of ourself that we desire can be a struggle. Fear can hold us back.

Fear for each of us can look different. For some, it comes in the form of self-doubt and sweaty palms, while for others, it can be a debilitating anxiety. Many of us don’t even notice how fear holds us back, because it is such a normal part of our lives. Fear can box us in. Fear can prevent us from embracing new opportunities.

Learning to follow your dreams and not your fears can lead to a healthier and happier you!

Beating the fear that holds you back from your goals starts with acknowledging that it is real and identifying the impact it has on the life you are trying to create.

I want to help you MOVE PAST your fears and EMBRACE YOUR DREAMS! I know what it is like to be frozen from fear and to let opportunities slip away.

I want to help you move past the “someday, I’ll ________________________” and move to the “here is what I am going to do today to reach my dreams” phase!

Two years ago, I was living out my dreams:

  • Working at NASA in a job that I loved
  • Getting weekly requests to speak at conferences not only in the United States, but also internationally
  • I signed a book deal with a REAL publisher, not a self-publishing company, but a REAL legit publishing company that bought my pitch
  • My Success Up Life Podcast was growing and I found so much joy in creating the episodes
  • I had a great husband that loved me unconditionally
  • My kids weren’t doing drugs, no teen pregnancy scares, and they never got in trouble
  • I openly talked about my past and overcoming fears, I was living what I preached

And then, *IT* happened. Events that I could not control started to occur and FEAR creeped in and shut my world down. The opportunities that I had been so excited about were all tabled as I lived frozen in a “safe zone” to avoid those fears.

It took a little over a year and a whole lot of Jesus to remind me to get back to following my dreams AND not my fears! I had to work back through the strategies that initially helped me go from the girl on food stamps to Dr. Candice McDonald!

I created the Follow Your Dreams NOT Your Fears Plan to help you:

  • Identify your goals tied to each area of your life
  • Identify the personal fears that hold you back from reaching those goals
  • Identify the strategies to push you PAST those fears

In addition to the the plan, the Success Up Life Podcast IS BACK and this return episode is: Follow Your Dreams NOT Your Fears! in this episode, I will talk about why fears hold us back (the psychology stuff) and dive deeper into the strategies needed to push back against those fears. I’ll start to share a little about the uncontrollable events in my life that opened my fear door and what it took to put a padlock on that door.

Here are the links to the resources. I hope that you find value in these! If you do, I would love to hear it. Let me know in a comment or connect with me on social media! please share these resources with someone else who might benefit!


Success Up Life Podcast: Follow Your Dreams NOT Your Fears

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