Earl had to die: Killing your inner critic

Well, Earl had to die! 

Earl is NOT a cheating ex-husband or loser boyfriend. 💔

Male or female, we all have an Earl at times and it is time for Earl to die! 

Earl IS that inner critic telling us that we are not good enough. 

Earl is that evil voice inside that casts doubts on our goals and undermines our accomplishments. 

Earl is the self-critical, self-denying, and even self-sabotaging voice that causes destruction on our dreams. 

Earl, that critical inner voice, can be born from painful life experiences in which we experienced hurtful attitudes towards us. 

Earl often whispers in our ear, 

* “You’re ugly.”

* “You’re not smart enough.”

* “You’re fat.”

* “They don’t like you.” 

* “There’s something wrong with you.”

* “You’re different from other people.”

* “You can’t do anything right.” 

* “You should have, could have, would have.”

Earl is a liar and it’s time for Earl to die! 💪

Here are 3 Steps to Killing Earl: 

Step 1: Identify Earl as toxic and that this inner voice is NOT a reflection of reality. Come to terms with Earl being a viewpoint formed from destructive life experiences. 

Step 2: Flip the Script 

When the, “I’m not smart enough” statements pop in your mind, flip them to be about Earl! For example, “Earl is NOT smart enough, BUT I am smart enough to apply for that promotion!” 

Step 3: Bury Earl, so he can’t be heard! 

As Earl gets louder and tries to tell you NOT to take chances, BURY him! Tell yourself, that doubt is just Earl and I am braver and stronger than Earl! The more you identify Earl as the culprit and do the opposite of what he is saying, the weaker he will become! 

If you can’t bury Earl alone, recruit a friend to help you flip the script and send him six feet under! 

Feel free to share! Let’s get the word out AND stop Earl for good!! 

Written by: Dr. Candice McDonald 

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Photo Credit: Yvette Graham at 2sistersphotos.com

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