30 Days of Gratitude: Rewiring The Negativity Dinosaur

I used to live life with cranky pants on. My eyes were constantly looking through a negativity lens. I focused more on the things that were going wrong instead of being grateful for the amazing gifts in my life. 

Unfortunately, our minds are wired to pay attention and react to the negative. Most likely, this comes from evolution. As the dinosaurs were trying to eat us, there was a constant need to pay attention to those scary, dangerous and negative threats in our environment. Survival was dependent on situational awareness. It’s our defense mechanism. BUT we can’t let ourselves get stuck there. 

Living in negativity, isn’t a whoa is me Eeyore type attitude, it’s more of a sneaky self-sabotaging demise. If you can relate to any of these things below, your mind is trying to warp you into the negativity vortex and it is time for a rewire! 

  • You said or did something in a meeting or in front of a group of friends that humiliated you, this was years ago, and you can still visualize every detail. Still to this day, when you think about that moment, you cringe with horror and embarrassment. 
  • You and your spouse/partner had a disagreement, and now you are completely focused on all of your significant other’s flaws. You are looking right past that good stuff and dialed into the imperfections. It doesn’t matter that he/she volunteers ten hours a week at the soup kitchen, you can’t get past the negative behavior of him/her constantly leaving a towel on floor after a shower. 
  • When a compliment came during the last social outing, you rejected it. When they said, “Oh your hair looks great today.” You failed to embrace it and went with a thanks, BUT……

Learning to embrace gratitude can help flip the negativity script and rewire your brain. Failing to do so, can leave the negativity dinosaurs impacting our choices and limiting the risks we are willing to take. 

Developing a habit of positive reflection and gratitude can be challenging. Even more so when you are busy. To help with that, I am starting a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. This was designed to help you think about all of things that you have to be grateful for in life, even the small stuff! If you complete ALL 30 prompts during November 2020, I will send you a FREE journal (like a REAL one with pages, not a download) and decal as my way of encouraging you to keep going! If you are seeing this after November 1st, don’t worry, just go back to the past posts to comment.  I also have a PDF you can download to track your daily gratitude entries!

How the Challenge Will Work: Each day I will post a gratitude challenge prompt/question in the:

Reply to each daily post in at least one of those places and use the #SuccessUpLife in your response. Respond with what you did, a photo, or your thoughts! Once the challenge is complete, DM me and say, CHALLENGE COMPLETE! I will verify that you completed all 30 prompts and then get your mailing info. No cost, no sign up, no credit card, no nothing. This is just my way of saying, THANK YOU for flipping the negativity script and committing to positivity! Challenge offer ends on the last day of 2020.

Your Grateful Friend,

Dr. Candice McDonald