People seeking joy in life don’t do things to make others unhappy. They don’t throw daggers on social media, they don’t call names, nor do they create unnecessary drama. 

Unhappy people do unkind things, End of story. 

I used to be a “last word” engage in battle kind of gal. I used to arm myself with researched responses to negative online comments, thinking I could “change” their minds. Years ago, I had no problem giving followers a sit back and grab the popcorn type of show. That was wasted energy, and it ended up being exhausting.  

Then I wised up. I now refuse to engage in social media war. Change doesn’t happen through a debate that will end up buried in a newsfeed. I’ve learned to channel that feisty keyboard energy into advocacy for social change.

I can’t control others, or how they behave. I can’t force them to like me and I am ok with that.  What I can do is pray for the unkind and clap back with joy and positivity. I am here to tell you, from personal experience, there is no room for anger, bitterness, and revenge plotting in a happy life. Let it go, say a prayer, give to Jesus to sort out, and move forward to something worth your energy. 

Complaining gets you nowhere. Arguing solves nothing. Advocacy IS where you find true power. 

What I can do, and what I do have control over is, where and how I use my voice. I can climb up on a soapbox worthy of standing on and create real change in the world. I’ve learned to use my platform to promote positivity, resiliency, and to make REAL change in the world. 

My voice has led to TWO laws being changed. One that protects children from sexual predators. That IS one of my proudest moments. That is what climbing up on a soapbox can do. 

Fighting on social media with someone who most likely woke up cranky from having their underpants on backwards won’t create that kind of change for your cause. Getting involved, speaking up, and taking action is where the REAL change happens! 

Next time you feel an invite to the social media boxing ring, tap out. Tap out before the fight even starts. There is no joy in the fight. Show kindness, even to those who weren’t good to you. Keep your eyes forward, let it go, and use your energy to climb up on a soapbox that brings light into this world! 

Love the Queen of the Soapbox,

Dr. Candice McDonald


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