Don’t be mean girl grinchy!

Don’t be mean girl grinchy! 

Mean girls and getting left out doesn’t stop after high school. Adults, men AND women, can be mean girl grinchy too! 

Let those moments of being left out and feeling excluded lead to your Cindy Lou Who moments in life! 

I’ve been the outsider, the one who always feels different, the one who has been left out, and the one who feels she doesn’t fit in. 

Being left out has broken my heart many times. I constantly questioned the why. I questioned my worth. 

I had a hard time letting go of those hurts. Especially, that time I was intentionally not included in the group photo on a girls’ trip, even AFTER I paid for a shirt just for the photo. 

BUT being left out of that photo was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

I used that painful moment to become a Cindy Lou Who and ensure going forward that I was never mean girl grinchy.  I used it as a spring board to empower others. 

Those feelings of not being accepted and loneliness taught me to be observant and look for those on the outside.

Being left out taught me to create opportunities for people to come together socially in an inclusive and supportive environment. I became mindful of becoming inclusive to all, because I was once excluded. 

I befriend strangers because I know the pain of feeling lonely. At conferences, I now look for the man or woman sitting alone and invite them to eat with me. All because I’ve dined solo and beautiful new friendships start with a simple hello! 

I provide encouragement to others every chance I get, because I know what it is like to have people doubt your ability and mock your dreams. 

I cheer on those brave enough to chase their crazy ideas and passions, because I know what it is like to get the mean girl grinchy whispers behind my back. 

I spread kindness to others, even those with a grinchy heart, because others have not always been kind to me. 

When I hear negative talk and gossip about others, I now redirect the conversation to focus on what WE CAN do to help and support that person. I do this because I know I’ve been the center of gossip from my BIG TIME screwups in life, BUT Jesus gave me grace and I want to pay it forward to others. 

Mean girl grinchy moments can make our hearts hard if we are not careful. We can let the anger of being left out turn us to ice OR we can learn to be a Cindy Lou Who and make sure no other man or woman feels left out.  

We can’t control what others do to us, BUT we can be the brightness others need in their life AND that will keep our heart from growing small! 

Be the Cindy Lou Who you once needed when you were being left out, gossiped about, and mocked! Be the difference the world needs! ❤️

  • Dr. Candice McDonald

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Photos by Yvette Graham at Two Sisters