I’m slipping out of 2020 with my happy pants on! 

I could totally beat up on 2020, focus on the negative, BUT 2020 was FULL of moments of genuine, unadulterated happiness in a year that tried to break our spirits!

I won’t even try to downplay the dumpster fire 2020 brought to the party, BUT I refuse to look past the positive. 

In a year when the main sporting event was a battle for toilet paper, human kindness was in full shine strong mode! Random acts of kindness filled our newsfeeds! 

In a year where we were physically distant, we were tightly united.  

My family was blessed to be on the receiving end of the 2020 kindness movement. When my husband battled COVID on a ventilator at the same hospital he worked for, human kindness flew in from every angle.

Thousands of strangers sent prayers and well wishes. Friends from all over the globe reached out via social media and sent text messages to provide comfort. The hospital staff cared for my husband’s medical needs AND ensured his family was taken care of. 

I was alone, BUT never felt alone! The world was kind!

2020’s crap storm forced me to focus on the things in life that bring TRUE happiness!

I learned to work less, while laughing more with those I love. I learned to let the little things go, while placing a greater effort on the things that bring me joy.

As I do every year, I want to offer you tips to help you Success Up Life in the new year! Check out these 21 Tips to Success 2021! Being successful isn’t about money, it’s about learning to live a life YOU love!

Print them, post them, share them, and live them!

Dr. Candice McDonald

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