Setting boundaries before you sink

Are you standing on thin ice? You can’t set good boundaries if you’re unsure of where you stand. Often, we accept the things we don’t want to tolerate to avoid conflict. Those uncomfortable things start to add weight and before we know it, we are crashing down.

It is key to identify your relationship, emotional, mental and spiritual limits. When things start to make us feel uncomfortable, that’s our internal alarm warning us we are standing close to thin ice.

Two common uncomfortable feelings tied to a lack of boundaries are discomfort and resentment. Discomfort comes from those things that people do that make us feel uneasy. Feelings of discomfort often mean a boundary has been crossed. Resentment feelings come from a feeling of not being appreciated or being taken advantage of.

Give yourself permission to end relationships and to directly say no to those things that make you feel uncomfortable. Often, we feel a bit of guilt when we speak up or say no to a friend, coworker, or family member. We fear the rejection that might come. When fail to speak up, we risk ourselves. When we fail to speak up, we move to thin ice. It’s better to face the situation and set the boundary over letting the weight of discomfort and/or resentment build. Remember, YOU are worth the self respect that comes with setting YOUR healthy boundaries!

Dr. Candice McDonald

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