Don’t become the next headline! End distracted driving and #JustDrive!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and as the spokesperson for I had the opportunity to partner with the National Safety Council to address this very important issue. Our partnership led to a survey on distracted driving and parents.

Despite forty-eight states banning texting while driving, and twenty-five banning handheld use, drivers responding to the survey indicated it will take more than laws to change their behaviors. Other key findings from the survey include four out of five respondents unsafely use their phone when driving; 11% of drivers surveyed admitting to driving faster than the speed limit due to less congestion and traffic caused by the pandemic; and only two out of five consider a higher risk being present when they see an emergency responder out of their vehicle on a highway.

These survey results demonstrate a continued need for education and changes in driver behavior. Distraction-free driving keeps everyone safe. This includes first responders (fire, law, EMS, towing, and highway workers) who put their lives in harm’s way to help when emergencies occur.

First responders can learn free strategies to protect to help protect them during roadway operations at

You can find resources to help others to adopt safe driving habits from End Distracted Driving.

You can commit to taking the driving distraction free pledge by visiting the National Safety Council.

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