Take time to clean up your life and make it “ultrabrite”

Life can be full of chaos and busy. We often don’t take the time out to recharge and reset. We are sent messages that we must #hustle and always be in the moment. If we are not careful, this fast pace mindset can lead to burnout, health issues, and unhappiness.

It is key for us to unplug from a full speed ahead mentality and refocus. Try these four techniques to help clean up your life from the constant chaos:

Mentally declutter. Take time out every morning to meditate and connect with your higher power. This small amount of time can be used to remind you of what you want to focus on throughout the day, to reflect on the things you are grateful for, and to serve as a reminder to refocus on what really matters in life.

Declutter your commitment chaos. Reduce commitments and learn to say no to the nonessential things that don’t allow you to grow. Make a list of all your commitments and then rank them by what is the most valuable. Declutter those at the bottom by saying no and/or stepping away. There is no shame in claiming your life back from busy. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Don’t be afraid to say no to the tasks you no longer want to dedicate yourself to.

Declutter stagnation. Challenge yourself to try something new! You can recharge burned out energy by trying something you have never tried before. Push past the fears and do something you have always wanted to try.

Declutter human energy sucks. Evaluate who is in your life and decide who you no longer want in your circle. People can be energy drains. Surround yourself with people who recharge you and push you forward. It’s ok to set boundaries and stop walking into a circle of vampires ready to suck the life out of you.

Dr. Candice McDonald


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