From Food Stamps to Rocket Ships!

I have not always been Dr. Candice, who works at NASA and speaks all over the world.I have spent the night in a shelter. I have lived in poverty. I have made A LOT of messy choices for my life! BUT in my 30’s, my life had a plot twist! I learned to take control and #SuccessUpLife! I have also learned to turn my mess into a message!

“Join Dr. Candice McDonald as she takes you on her journey of learning to take control of personal traumas to stop self-sabotage and overcome the hurts that leave one frozen. Her painful journey, told in a humorous way, reflects her story of how she took control of her life to move from food stamps to rocket ships. Dr. McDonald’s message will encourage you to STOP SUBSCRIBING to the labels people place on you, empower you to BE BRAVE enough to seize opportunities, and push you to FORGIVE YOURSELF.”

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