Cruise Tips from Dr. Candice: Things to Know & Do BEFORE You Go! 

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Things to Know & Do BEFORE You Go! 

Well, look who’s got impeccable taste in travel agents! You! We want to extend a big, heartfelt thank you for choosing our agency to handle your recent travel plans. You’ve officially joined the ranks of our VIP (Very Important Passengers)!

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Yours in travel awesomeness,

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Create a Carnival Cruise Account

Each guest MUST create a Carnival Cruise account. This is YOUR portal to the fun! You will use this account to book shore excursions, order wifi, book spa treatments, add a drink package, and complete your online check-in. Click here to sign up for your account! Once you have signed up, you can add your cruise to the trip using your booking number and ship date. Your booking number is located on the booking summary you received from Success Up Life, LLC.

Shore Excursions:

Carnival offers many fun activities that you can book through the cruise, called shore excursions. General Shore Excursion information is available in the Shore Excursions section of the website You will be able to view the prices of excursions through this site. It is highly recommended that you book a Carnival Shore Excursion. One of the many benefits of booking excursions through Carnival is a guarantee that the ship will remain in port until ALL guests are back on board. Carnival will not be aware or responsible for shore excursions that are booked independently. Remember, the boat doesn’t leave you, you CHOOSE TO STAY behind by not making it back by the designated time. They WILL leave you if you do not make it back on time and are not booked on one of their excursions.

Shore excursions DO sell out and are first come first serve.  Another positive to booking with Carnival, orders can be added or canceled without cancellation charges, up until the Pre-Sail cut-off time. Check out the guidelines for more information. 

If you have questions about shore excursions, please feel free to email us or join the Success Up Life Travel Adventures Facebook Group and ask your question there! The is a place for travelers to come together to share tips, tricks, and those amazing vacation photos!!

Onboard Fun:

While onboard you can enjoy all of the included fun onboard. This includes music entertainment, comedy shows, dancing, karaoke, game shows, pools, waterslides, dive-in movie, and more! You can research the fun onboard the Carnival Liberty by clicking here and selecting the Carnival Liberty!

Onboard Pampering:

In addition to all of the free fun, you can also indulge a little and pamper yourself at Spa Carnival. The salon is also available for all of your hair and needs! Check out the services they have at  You can schedule your spa appointment from your Carnival account.

Onboard Beverage Plans:

While there are plenty of things to drink onboard, alcohol and soda are not included. You can purchase the Cheers! Beverage plan that allows guests to enjoy a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by paying a flat daily rate per person, per day plus gratuity. If alcohol isn’t your thing, the Carnival’s Bottomless Bubbles™ unlimited soda program could be for you!  Both of these services are cheaper if added BEFORE You sail and can be added from your account.

You are also able to carry on ONE bottle of wine or champagne per person. A twelve-pack of canned soda per person is also allowed to be carried on.

Wifi is also available for an additional cost. This is a great way to stay connected to home. Prices vary pending on the type of wifi you want. Plans range from basic social media to full wifi service. It is cheaper to purchase a plan in advance of sailing. This again can be booked from your account.

To Do: Online Check-in

Online Check-in can be accessed within 90 days of the departure and no later than midnight (eastern time) prior to the sailing date.

You must complete the Online Check-in prior to sailing. You can do this by clicking Manage My Booking on Carnival’s site by visiting and creating an account.

You will enter the booking number listed on your initial confirmation from Carnival. If you no longer have it, please reach out to Dr. Candice and she can provide it to you. In addition to the booking number, you will need the ship name and sail date. You will see a to-do list of things to complete and print out before you arrive at the port. You will also select your boarding time appointment during the check-in process. It is critical to arrive at the port at your Arrival Appointment time to reduce your wait in line.

Luggage Tags:

Your Carnival Cruise Lines luggage tags will be included with your eTicket that is provided during the online check-in process. Please ensure one tag is printed, filled in, and attached to each piece of luggage prior to arriving at the terminal on the day of departure. We suggest ordering from Amazon clear luggage tag holders to keep your printed tag safe. Link to Amazon cruise luggage tag holders.

These tags will enable the delivery of your luggage to your stateroom. It is key to print these in ADVANCE of leaving home. You should attach this just prior to arriving at the port, you DO NOT want to attach this before your flight, as the airline will rip it off. When you arrive at the port, the porter will collect your luggage and have it delivered to your room. It is customary to tip the porter for taking your luggage.

Do not place any identity documents, valuables, or medication in your luggage. Unless you are in a suite or are Diamond/Platinum sailers, your room will NOT be ready when you board. Be sure to place items you will need for the first few hours in a book bag. Don’t worry, the Lido Deck will be ready to serve you with lunch and fun while you wait for your room!

What Should I Pack?

Carnival’s Suggestions:

Here is a great article for all the little things Carnival doesn’t tell you to bring:

FAQ Links: